What do our clients have to say about us?



Hi, I'm Jess. I've been working with Matt for over two years. I spent my first eight months in the full-time fitness program resulted in a weight-loss of 50 pounds, dissipated joint pain, and improved my daily quality of life. 

Before Matt began my training, I was experiencing health problems including inflamed joints, low-energy, and repeated respiratory infections which helped contribute to my poor mood. I was constantly tired, sick, and I knew that I was too young to feel so poorly.

Overall, I have lost 65 pounds total, since I began. Though there have been periods of time where I have not dedicated myself to a regular exercise regimen, Matt has helped me steadily continue to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, both through occasional training and health coaching for nutrition. 

I am again implementing an exercise routine to keep me on track and help me reach my goals. I've already experienced what a full-time exercise program can do for me, and I'm pleased to be working with Matt re-commit to my path to wellness.



September 4 - Since April 1st, I have lost 40 pounds... all thanks to New Prime Fitness and Matthew Thompson. It is not a difficult process. In fact, if I knew then, what I know now... I would not have gotten my bariatric lap band surgery 7 years ago. If you are considering this surgery, call Matt first.

August 19 - Matt is the man! He has helped me lose 35 pounds... and counting.

August 5 - I posted on Matthew Thompson's New Prime Fitness page about the great success I am having following his diet and fitness plan. Since early April, I have lost over 30 pounds. Also, I have reduced my meds by one pill a day. I was taking 9 pills a day, but now it is down to 8. Thanks Matt!!!

July 9 - Two months ago, I weighed 295 pounds. Today, I weigh 274. I feel great. I owe this to the training and advice of Matthew Thompson and New Prime Fitness. His training and dietary leadership has been amazing.

July 22 - I just finished up my quarterly doctor checkup. Down 20 pounds since last visit and close to 30 overall. My blood labs are great. My a1c is 5.5, down from 7.5. That is a huge improvement. I owe a lot of this to my trainer, Matthew Thompson, of New Prime Fitness, and to my many professional healthcare friends at Amherst Family Practice. Remember, it feels good to feel good.