New Prime Fitness was started in June of 2013 with the vision of assisting those dedicated to reaching goals from simple fat-burning and body sculpting, to working in depth with doctors to overcome diseases through food and lifestyle to promote optimum wellness. We have achieved great success so far and continue to help individuals and families obtain fast results and the knowledge needed to maintain them.

After discovering how easy it was to overcome his own obesity, nutrient deficiencies, and other health issues with the right information it became the passion our founder, Matthew Thompson, to help others cut through the ocean of misinformation so that they can get right to working on their goals without wasting time with trial and error.

Will you be our next success story?


New Prime Fitness - Founder
Personal Trainer, Chef
-NPTI Certified Personal Trainer
-Superhuman Coach Certified

I was an obese child with no self control to speak of when it came to food. Having a weakness for sweets, and only enjoying competition in the form of video games and movie trivia, I quickly acquired weight. 

I was finally inspired to get into running at the age of 15 after losing a 40 yard footrace to my 8 year-old cousin. I started to run and restrict dietary intake thinking that this would be healthy (later discovering that I was wrong). I was able to cut down a decent amount of weight and develop enough stamina to take part in local ultimate frisbee and parkour groups. 

After graduating from high school, I reflected on what I had accomplished and realized that I could go further and help others as a personal trainer. I enrolled in training school and developed the skills to help myself and others reach most fitness goals, but I shortly learned that I had obtained limited information in an unlimited field and that there is so much more to fast results and the promotion of longevity. It became apparent that everything you do and put into your body now builds the foundation for your future. I found it imperative to dig deeper and practice what I preach.